2.9 — Aegir Tactics

The NFT Gaming Podcast

Sep 27 2022 • 36 mins

Aegir Tactics is a next generation digital card game designed to bring fairness and balance back to competitive play. Developed by a strategy card game professional, Aegir Tactics was built to fulfill the void of what was seen as a lackluster digital card gaming experience. With a heavy focus on accessibility for new users, Aegir Tactics allows them to jump right into the game and compete.

In this podcast episode, we interview Victor Shelstad, the founder of Aegir Tactics, to learn about the ins and outs of strategy card games, the development of balancing game stats, and the importance of player based ownership.

Read the full episode blog here: https://www.thenftgamingpodcast.com/episode/aegir-tactics

Learn more about Aegir Tactics: https://www.aegirtactics.com/

Follow Aegir Tactics on Twitter: https://twitter.com/aegirtactics

Join their Discord: https://discord.gg/qasKD4JZkx


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