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128. When it's time to walk away from a relationship
Sep 22 2023
128. When it's time to walk away from a relationship
One of the hardest dilemmas we have to face is when it's time to walk away from someone you still love because you know the relationship isn’t right for you. We can often find ourselves stuck in a constant battle between knowing what is right, and what our heart wants us to do. In this episode we break down the five key signs its time to walk away, particularly for those of us in our 20s, and why these reasons matter the most, exploring ideas of:  Fatal Attraction TheoryThe biology behind our 'gut instinct' The Reciprocity Principle Equity Theory Sunk costs Expectant thinking Fear of being lonely or of the unknown We also explore why we find it so difficult, the reasons that hold us back, including as the stigma around being the one to initiate the breakup and feeling like a failure for your relationship not working out.  You should not be with someone who is not adding to your life in your 20s. This is your time to be your own person, to prioritise exactly what is going to make YOU happy, not stay out of obligation or because of fear, family pressure or expectations. Is this the life you want, with this person? Are they making you the best version of yourself? Are they making you happy? Why don’t you deserve someone who does, even if it takes a while and is a bit scary.  Patreon:  Instagram:  Resources:   See for privacy information.
115. Let's talk about depression in our 20s
Aug 11 2023
115. Let's talk about depression in our 20s
In this episode, I want to talk about depression. And not just from a psychological and scientific perspective but also from a personal perspective, sharing parts of my story. It's not something I've talked about much on the podcast but recently I've really come to terms with my own shame and stigma and I want to discuss where I'm at now, the journey I've been on and how its impacted the life I've created for myself in my 20s. We're also going to explore some of the key principles and theories behind the origins of depression, misconceptions, the different forms of depression, historical recognition of this condition, whether exercise really is a 'cure', and the new frontier of depression research, including the proposed use of psychedelics and ketamine.  If you or someone you know needs help, please see the below resources:  Beyond Blue - Black Dog Institute -  Lifeline (for immediate over the phone support) - 13 11 14  For further reading, please see the below articles:  Genetic Factors in Major Depression -  Childhood Trauma and Its Relationship to Chronic Depression in Adulthood - Depression as a disease of modernity -  Effects of Naturalistic Psychedelic Use on Depression, Anxiety, and Well-Being -  See for privacy information.