Acoustic Prosodies with Nelu Lazar

Nelu Lazar

Time permitting, Nelu Lazar is a singer-songwriter, producer, co-founder of acoustic & rock bands, prosodic book writer, author of “The Seasons’ Journey: A serendipitous rock opera.” --- Good morning! Due to our inability to get together enough, on some random Sundays I thought I’d invite you to an audio coffee, when I will reveal the arts and music that I created ages ago, or perhaps some that I created in more recent times. I will bring up a few tales although I’m not a storyteller, I’ll be playing live acoustic although I’m not a professional musician, I will unveil the universe of other artistic creations of mine although I am only a hobbyist creator. I’m starting with ~10 minutes on a Sunday early morning, and we’ll see where this experiment will take all of us. Hugs! -Nelu Lazar --- read less

Behind the scenes of “Love Lives On” official video
Dec 18 2022
Behind the scenes of “Love Lives On” official video
Also watch the video podcast series "Acoustic Prosodies with Nelu Lazar" recorded live on: 00:00 Today's live show is an impromptu introduction of the album "Beyond Collaboration" by Jeodai Trobairitz & Troubadours, created at the initiative of Joe Peters, that was released on Friday, December 16, 2022 on Bandcamp 01:57 The official video for "Love Lives On", the 21st song on the album, was displayed on the big screen (with no sound), while Nelu described aspects about the footage that he embedded into that video production to try and bring the song's lyrics to a meaningful life, as well as few other details related to the instruments used on the song and credits for the amazing group of artists and songwriters who collaborated on this song "Love Lives On" from the album "Beyond Collaboration" 06:22 In addition to what was said on the live show, in Nelu’s words: I believe that music’s ultimate purpose is paramountly about enabling friendship, understanding and unity… I much appreciate being allowed to be part of this collaborative project, on the song “Love Lives On” etc... This unique, historic album “Beyond Collaboration” is one to own, check it out on Bandcamp today... And remember, love lives on… ❤️