Episode 060 "DFW Musician" of A Dangerous Affair, Taylor Jordan

Fort Worth Roots Podcast

Jan 30 2022 • 1 hr 5 mins

Taylor Jordan is creating harmony for his fellow Fort Worthians. You can catch him at the Ridglea Theater on February 12th. But you dont need to wait. You get to hear Taylor play two songs for us in this episode. First track is called " Strung Out" and the second song he plays for you is called.......... ( I'll get with Taylor and ask i 100% dont have it.) Taylor is the front man for the band A Dangerous Affair. This was another awesome recording full of fun facts about and live music.

Find Taylor and A Dangerous Affair on youtube at:adangeraffair and on facebook as adangerousaffair

The petting zoo we talk about is Hochatown Petting Zoo and is located in Broken Bow Oklahoma.

Find it on Facebook by searching @hochatownpettingzoo .

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Intro music provided with permission to use by Matt Novesky. Matt is the front man for the band Icarus Bell (https://icarusbellofficial.com/) ,Owner of Orb Recording Studios in Austin Texas ( www.orbrecordingstudios.com ), and  is the bassist for the band Blue October out of Houston Texas (https://www.blueoctober.com/)

The name of the song the intro was sampled from is: Bones by Icarus Bell. You can check Matt’s band out on your favorite streaming service like Amazon music or Spotify. The YouTube version of Bones can be found at this link ( https://youtu.be/d9HLLrvsqi8 )

A HUGE thank you to Matt Novesky for the privilege to share some of your newest art on Fort Worth Roots. I am sincerely looking forward to future creations made by you and the Orb Recording Studios family.

#icarusbellbones #icarusbell #mattnovesky #orbrecordingstudios

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