170: How to Level Up Daily w/ JT Foxx

Decoding Success with Matt LeBris

Feb 17 2021 β€’ 24 mins

Welcome to episode 170 here on The Decoding Success Podcast.

Today, we're joined by JT Foxx, private equity fund manager, a serial entrepreneur of many companies across all sectors, an investor in companies & property, and the World’s #1 Wealth & Business Coach. He has business interests in over 54 countries and is a former media personality having had his own self-syndicated radio show called the JT Foxx Show in the United States and Canada, which now has moved to his highly-popular MillionaireFlix platform. He has appeared on major news media networks across the globe in addition to the features in Forbes and various print magazine covers as well as multiple radio shows.

To connect with JT, check him out here on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and his website.

To connect with Matt, check him out here on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and his website.

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