Lauren Mcafee

Adopting Hope

Dec 2 2020 • 50 mins

In our first episode, adoptive moms Joyce Koo Dalrymple and Sasha Parker talk to Lauren Mcafee and Jackie Green of the Hobby Lobby family about their legacy of adoption. Lauren and Jackie encourage adoptive, foster, and spiritual mothers through the stories they themselves have lived.  Tune in to hear the ways that God has guided their families to live faithfully by caring for vulnerable children. Lauren and Jackie discuss clinging to the Scriptures, understanding God as a good Father, and submitting their desires to him. And they remind us that, even when it feels hard, God enables us to love others because He first loved us.  Adopting Hope is a production of Christianity Today. Produced by Mike Cosper, Joyce Koo Dalrymple, and Sasha Parker Edited and mixed by Alex Carter Theme song “We’ve Got This Hope” by Ellie Holcomb Learn more about your ad choices. Visit