God is Filling HIS Temples in the Land of Buddhist Temples (with Larry Taylor) - FT4F0062

From the Forefront

Feb 1 2022 • 31 mins

Do you believe that God's love and power can overcome local cultures? Do you believe He can establish His Kingdom, even in hard places? Larry Taylor has seen God do just that. As he shares his story, you'll hear how obedience and relationship got him from Texas to the middle of the Pacific, to Australia, and to Thailand - and how God's grace, love, and prophetic ministry captured the hearts of Thai people. Even Buddhist monks. Click Play to listen today! ➡️ https://fromtheforefront.com/62sn (Click for full show notes) ➡️ https://fromtheforefront.com/62snt (One click Tweet) ➡️ https://fromtheforefront.com/62snf (One click Facebook share) KEY TAKEAWAYS:Our journey isn't always a straight line God moves through relationships and sovereignty, not marketing and promotions God can fulfill the visions He's revealed to us LINKS & RESOURCES:Facebook.com/larry.taylor.5249 goinmin.wixsite.com/larryrtaylor goinmin@gmail.com ABOUT LARRY TAYLORTogether, Larry and Carol Taylor have ministered both through pastoring and as itinerant revivalists for over 50 years. With a passion born in the Jesus Movement of the 70's, and revival encounters that continue in the current awakening, they are carriers of breakthrough and fire. They carry a mantle of experience, anointing and wisdom that impacts leaders, churches, regions and nations. Their goal is to see the knowledge of the glory of God fill the earth.  In addition to ministering on five continents, Larry has authored two books for the specific purpose of leading people into a personal transformational encounter with God's glory.  ABOUT FROM THE FOREFRONTFrom the Forefront, interviews with those of the front of Christian missions and ministry. Learn about leadership, life lessons, and more with the monthly, long form podcast brought to you by the creators of the Leadership Moment Podcast, FXMissions. ✅ Follow to get the show for free: https://leadersmoment.org/follow (https://leadersmoment.org/follow) ✅ Let's Connect: https://leadersmoment.org/links (https://leadersmoment.org/links) ✅ Get updates on my book: https://nscottmcclelland.substack.com/ (https://nscottmcclelland.substack.com/)