A Vision for the People of Alaska with Zack and Sarah Loving of Loving Life Missions - FT4F0060

From the Forefront

Dec 1 2021 • 42 mins

The path we walk with Christ may not always seem clear. Listen as Zack and Sarah Loving share how God has walked with and guided them to discover some ways God might move in YOUR life. Blog Post: https://fromtheforefront.com/60sn (https://fromtheforefront.com/60sn) One Click Tweet: https://fromtheforefront.com/60snt (https://fromtheforefront.com/60snt) One Click Facebook Share: https://fromtheforefront.com/60snf (https://fromtheforefront.com/60snf) Following Jesus doesn't always lead us in a linear path. In fact, it the path almost always has unexpected turns, seasons of isolation, and wondering if and how things will work out. However, as Zack and Sarah Loving share, God's plan is always best. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Not storing treasures on earth How God brought them to a place of surrender (again) Why you need a personal “why” What God requires of those who have been given much LINKS & RESOURCES:https://www.lovinglifemissions.org/ (https://www.lovinglifemissions.org/) https://www.facebook.com/LovingLifeMissions (https://www.facebook.com/LovingLifeMissions) Listen to Scott’s previous discussion with Zack and Sarah: https://fromtheforefront.com/forefront-podcast/half-timing-for-jesus-ft4f0046/ ( https://fromtheforefront.com/forefront-podcast/half-timing-for-jesus-ft4f0046/) Free Burma Rangers: https://fbrmovie.com/ (https://fbrmovie.com/) About Loving Life Missions and Zack & Sarah LovingLoving Life Missions is the ministry of Zack and Sarah Loving. They are a Missionary Aviation Family, working in Thailand and Burma with Free Burma Rangers. They split their time between Thailand and Alaska, with the Lord calling them to do more in Alaska in the coming months. ABOUT THE LEADERSHIP MOMENTScott McClelland of Foundational Missions shares bite-sized insights into leadership, with a focus on the Bible, missions, and ministry. He pulls from a wide variety of sources and always has something to inspire and challenge us to greatness. Leave a Rating or Review: https://lovethepodcast.com/leadersmoment (https://lovethepodcast.com/leadersmoment) Follow to get the show for free: https://followthepodcast.com/leadersmoment (https://followthepodcast.com/leadersmoment)