The Melanated Social Work Podcast

Melanated Social Work

The Melanated Social Work Podcast is hosted by four men of color within the field of social work; Josh McNeil, Marvin Toliver, Michael Grinnell, and Jesse Wiltey. Join us as we discuss social work, mental health, politics, music, liberation and many other topics.

Episode 49 with Lama Rod Owens: Love and RageEpisode 48 with Monique Castro: Indigenous Circle of WellnessEpisode 47 with Reggie Walker: The Real with ReggieEpisode 46 with Ruth J. Beard: NABSWEpisode 45 with Joi Britt & Kim Young: Colorism Part 2Episode 44: Colorism Part 1Episode 43 with Dr. Jennifer Mullan: Decolonizing TherapyEpisode 42: Minoritea ReportEpisode 41 with adrienne maree brown: Emergent StrategyEpisode 40 with Sonya Renee Taylor: The Body is Not an ApologyEpisode 39 with Ericka Hart: We Hart ErickaEpisode 38 with Brittani Williams: Hip Hop TherapyEpisode 37 with Dr. Tanya Sharpe: Social Work Views from the 6Episode 36: The Caucasity of Social Work Pt. 2Episode 35: The Caucasity of Social Work Pt. 1Episode 34 with Khalida Sethi & Sonalee Rashatwar: Radical TherapyEpisode 33: The Joi of Social WorkEpisode 32 with Dr. Jean Latting: Leading ConsciouslyEpisode 31 with Stic: Revolutionary But GangstaEpisode 30: Fuck 45