E303 Bill Shufelt - CEO of Athletic Brewing

Alcohol-Free Advantage Podcast with Andy Ramage

Feb 5 2024 • 45 mins


In this conversation, Andy Ramage and Bill discuss their shared passion for an alcohol-free lifestyle. Bill shares his experience of being alcohol-free for over 10 years and the advice he would give his younger self. They explore the journey of high performers and the impact of alcohol on various aspects of life. They also discuss the benefits of an alcohol-free life and the unexpected positive changes it brings. Overall, the conversation highlights the transformative power of choosing to live without alcohol.


  • Choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle can have numerous positive effects on health, sleep, and overall well-being.
  • High performers often overlook the impact of alcohol on their performance and personal life.
  • Taking a break from alcohol can lead to a euphoric rush of health and improved physical and mental state.
  • Living an alcohol-free life can result in a more fulfilling and authentic sense of self.

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