E302 William Porter Author - Alcohol Explained

Alcohol-Free Advantage Podcast with Andy Ramage

Jan 29 2024 • 56 mins


In this conversation, Andy Ramage and William Porter discuss their personal journeys to sobriety and the impact of alcohol on mental health and sleep. They highlight the misconception that alcohol is a relaxant when, in fact, it disrupts sleep and causes anxiety. They emphasize the lack of awareness and cultural blind spot surrounding the negative effects of alcohol. The conversation also touches on the classification of alcohol as a human carcinogen. Overall, the discussion aims to raise awareness and promote a shift in societal perspectives on alcohol. The conversation explores the marketing tactics and misinformation surrounding alcohol, highlighting the confusion created by the alcohol industry. It emphasizes that alcohol, with its carcinogenic properties, can never be good for health. The conversation also discusses the positive changes in the alcohol-free space and the shift in mindset towards questioning the benefits of alcohol consumption.


  • Alcohol disrupts sleep and causes anxiety, despite the misconception that it is a relaxant.
  • There is a lack of awareness and cultural blind spot surrounding the negative effects of alcohol.
  • Alcohol is classified as a human carcinogen, alongside substances like asbestos and cigarette smoking.
  • Societal perspectives on alcohol need to shift to promote awareness and informed decision-making. Alcohol is a carcinogen and can never be good for health.
  • The alcohol industry uses marketing tactics and confusion to maintain consumption.
  • Misinformation and lack of awareness contribute to the continued belief in the benefits of alcohol.
  • The alcohol-free movement is growing, with a focus on questioning the role of alcohol in our lives.

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