I am 10 years alcohol-free today!

Alcohol-Free Advantage Podcast with Andy Ramage

Mar 1 2024 • 18 mins


  • Welcome to a special episode where Andy Ramage celebrates 10 years of being alcohol-free.

Exciting Ventures:

  • Recording the Rich Roll podcast for the second time on the 10th anniversary.
  • Previews a documentary project in 2024 aiming to transform people's relationships with alcohol.

Top 10 Wins of the Alcohol-Free Adventure:

  1. Better Sleep and Early Mornings:
    • Highlights the positive impact of alcohol-free living on sleep quality.
    • Carving out time in the morning for personal growth and productivity.
  2. Consistent Weight and Health:
    • Shares personal weight loss journey and improved health statistics.
    • Emphasizes the long-term benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle on physical well-being.
  3. Looking Younger:
    • Discusses the anti-aging effects of quitting alcohol, supported by insights from Professor Kevin Moore.
  4. Meaningful Work:
    • Reflects on finding meaning and purpose in coaching and entrepreneurship.
    • The joy of making a positive impact on others' lives.
  5. Financial Savings:
    • Estimates significant monetary savings (approximately £50,000) over the 10 years.
    • Advocates redirecting saved funds towards personal development and enriching experiences.
  6. Boundless Energy:
    • Attributes renewed energy levels to alcohol-free living.
    • The importance of adopting healthy habits and prioritizing well-being.
  7. Connection in Alcohol-Free Communities:
    • Celebrates genuine and deep connections formed in alcohol-free communities.
    • Highlights the joy of meaningful conversations without the influence of alcohol.
  8. 10 Times More Fun:
    • Challenges the cultural narrative around alcohol equating to fun.
    • Emphasizes the joy and fun discovered in an alcohol-free lifestyle.
  9. Resurgence of Ambition:
    • Likens alcohol to kryptonite for dreams and ambitions.
    • Explores the renewed drive and ambition that comes with an alcohol-free mindset.
  10. Embracing Your Authentic Self:
    • Discusses shedding the persona created by alcohol and embracing authenticity.
    • The power and energy derived from being true to oneself.