E312 Zena Hall - Positive Mindset

Alcohol-Free Advantage Podcast with Andy Ramage

Apr 1 2024 • 25 mins


In this podcast episode, Andy Ramage interviews Zena, a coach and HR system specialist, about her journey and the importance of coaching. Zena shares how she lost herself while working full-time and how a self-development program helped her rediscover her confidence and purpose. She also discusses the obstacles she faced, such as limiting beliefs, and how coaching helped her overcome them. Zena emphasizes the need for people to thrive in all aspects of their lives, not just survive, and highlights the power of visualization and solution-focused approaches in coaching. Her big dream is to have a successful private practice and help others find clarity and fulfillment in their careers and lives.


  • Coaching can help individuals rediscover their confidence, purpose, and potential.
  • Limiting beliefs can hold people back, but coaching can help challenge and overcome them.
  • The goal of coaching is to help individuals thrive in all aspects of their lives, not just survive.
  • Visualization and solution-focused approaches are powerful coaching techniques.

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