E313 Anneke Davie - Alcohol-free adventurer

Alcohol-Free Advantage Podcast with Andy Ramage

Apr 8 2024 • 33 mins


Anneke shares her journey of giving up alcohol and how it led her to coaching. She discusses the importance of self-development and the positive changes she experienced, such as increased self-belief and confidence. Anneke also talks about her vision for her coaching practice, including incorporating practices like tarot reading and astrology. She envisions creating a retreat in Scotland where people can explore alcohol-free living and engage in various practices for personal growth.


Alcohol-free, coaching, self-development, confidence, tarot reading, astrology, retreat


  • Giving up alcohol can lead to personal growth and increased self-belief.
  • Self-development practices like yoga, meditation, and reading can support the journey of sobriety.
  • Coaching skills can be applied to various areas of interest, such as tarot reading and astrology.
  • Creating a retreat space for alcohol-free living and personal growth is a long-term goal.

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