E311 Nigel Jones - Walking to Alcohol - Freedom

Alcohol-Free Advantage Podcast with Andy Ramage

Mar 25 2024 • 21 mins


Nigel Jones shares his alcohol-free journey and the transformation it brought to his life. He emphasizes the importance of setting daily goals and the power of walking and connecting with nature. Nigel discusses the freedom he experienced by breaking free from the chains of alcohol and how it inspired him to write the book 'Walking Back to Happiness.' He also explores the hero's journey and the role of coaching in personal development. Nigel highlights the significance of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) in changing unconscious programs and beliefs. He encourages taking action and starting the alcohol-free adventure. Finally, Nigel discusses his work in promoting alcohol-free workplaces and his future plans.


  • Setting daily goals is crucial in the early stages of an alcohol-free journey.
  • Connecting with nature and engaging in physical activities like walking can have a transformative effect.
  • Breaking free from the chains of alcohol brings a sense of freedom and the ability to create one's own life.
  • Coaching and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can be powerful tools in personal development and overcoming challenges.

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