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Martha MacCallum, host of The Story on the FOX News Channel, sits down with a major newsmaker each week to get their "Untold Story." Martha's guests share inspiring stories of perseverance, positivity and more. read less

Our Editor's Take

Fox News Channel's Martha MacCallum now delivers a hard-hitting news podcast series, The Untold Story. Each episode brings in a major newsmaker for discussions on current events. Full of tough interviews and forthright analysis, this show delivers it straight.

The Untold Story with Martha MacCallum focuses on major headlines. Each episode takes a unique approach to topics that are important to Americans. Joined by an impressive index of guests, MacCallum drives insightful, compelling conversations.

She sits down with Nury Turkel, a powerful voice in international religious freedom. In this episode, they discuss the imprisonment of Uyghur Muslims within China. She speaks with journalist and author Robert Bryce. Together they explore how Russia's war on Ukraine impacts global energy production.

This podcast is action-packed with controversial opinions and thought-provoking news. MacCallum brings on the host of Sunday Night in America, Trey Gowdy. Together they examine the midterm elections with commentary and answers from Gowdy himself. She sits down with English broadcaster Piers Morgan. They look back at his time covering the royal family.

MacCallum has played a pivotal role in reporting global events throughout her career. She covered Trump's campaign from midterm elections to riots outside the White House. Her reporting has received high commendation. She took home the American Women in Radio and Television Award in 1997 and 2003.

With a catalog of interviews with major political players, this is a podcast to add to the playlist. In her lifetime, MacCallum has sat down with former President Barack Obama. She interviewed former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley. She's consulted Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. This experience is what makes The Untold Story with Martha MacCallum so fantastic. This captivating podcast releases a new episode every week.

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