EP 484: Marketing Your Idea with Travis Chambers

The Rich Outdoors

Dec 15 2020 • 1 hr 8 mins

Another entrepreneur podcast for you guys today. Full disclosure this one may go a bit deep for some still thinking about starting a company however it may give you a peep into the struggles and hurdles I deal with in my own company. Travis Chambers is a rockstar in the marketing world. Travis was a part of the most viral video of all time and then took his skills out on his own to create a media company that has helped brands do $300+ million in trackable sales. Chamber Media, Travis' company has mastered scalable video marketing through paid advertising.

In this podcast we cover the understanding of video marketing, we also dive into why comedy works and how to scale your marketing. We talk about Facebook ads and how small business should think about using that medium. Many small business know that they need to use Facebook ads but do not fully understand what that means or how to implement an actionable plan.

In this podcast we also cover something really close to home for me, understanding your avatar. At Backcountry Fuel we have struggled to market well to both hunters while not alienating the more outdoor rec community or vise versa. Travis gives me some really solid advice on this front and we talk about how to reframe this problem a different way.

Show Notes:
Intro - Travis Talks Virility - 04:57
Basics of Your Ad Campaign - 11:16
Personal Branding - 21:18
Videos & FB Ads - 27:59
Marketing Dilemas & BFB - 38:24
What's Next & Partnerships - 47:28
Closing Advice for Entrepreneurs - 1:04:02
Travis Chambers Contact & Online - 1:12:22

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