You're Qualified - To Have Success After College (Even Outside Of Your Degree)

You're Not Qualified - A Podcast

Sep 1 2022 • 53 mins

College has been in the headlines a lot lately, mostly because of the $10k student loan forgiveness plan that President Biden announced. I think it should be in the headlines a lot more with a philisophical tone: Should you or should you not go to college? The answer: NO.

Kidding. The answer is, it depends on what you want to do with your life and your career. And if you have already commited to college and finished or almost finished and are not sure you want to stay in the field of study you chose, that is okay and you are not stuck. Trust Dr. Zakiya Akerele - she wrote a book on it. And we created this podcast episode to help you understand your options after, before, and during college. So listen up, and then go read "Dump Your Degree: How to Repurpose Your Education, Control Your Career, and Gain Financial Freedom". Then go do that thing.

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About Dr. Zakiya: Dr. Zakiya Akerele is an Atlanta-based educator, author, and speaker who found an early passion in academic pursuits hoping to use them to improve herself and the world around her. She sought higher education with full force, obtaining degrees from Florida A&M University (B.A.), Columbia University (Ed.M.), and Fordham University (M.A. and Ph.D.) in International Education, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. Dr. Akerele has served in various capacities at higher education institutions and at social justice, political, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) both in the U.S. and abroad.

Her new book, Dump Your Degree, is a timely and invaluable resource for anyone seeking guidance on navigating higher education, developing their career, and having financial security.

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