You're Qualified - To Survive This Layoff **BONUS EPISODE**

You're Not Qualified - A Podcast

Jul 27 2023 • 56 mins

If you exist right now, chances are you have met someone who has been laid off from their job, or maybe you have been laid off from your job within the last few years. Layoffs are a b**ch, but they are not your fault. They can feel like an impossibly low point to come back from - will you recover? The answer is YES, undeniably yes... it takes some planning and patience and self-love. All things you have within you.

Lauren Kwedar Cockerell is here to help you navigate this difficult time, and provide a solid launching pad of advice to jump off of. She is President at Kwedar & Co., and has overcome a layoff before while 8 months pregnant. She built an amazing company and brand after being laid off; she is absolutely thriving and wants you to thrive too. In fact, she knows you can.

Layoffs are not the end. Sometimes they are just the beginning.

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