You're Not Qualified Minisode #1 - Success In Cannabis and Navigating Worthiness

You're Not Qualified - A Podcast

Aug 30 2022 • 42 mins

Well if it isn't the shorter episode I've been promising and never delivering on...

Welcome back, Imposters! Once a month, myself and a guest will read one, two or maybe even three of your stories about imposter syndrome in your own life and how you've overcome obstacles. Maybe you were once actually told you're not good enough or qualified enough for a job or project, or passion you were trying to pursue. I want to hear about your experiences and celebrate you - you can and will overcome anything set in front of you.

Today's minisode features my good friend Steph Chinn, with whom I worked with at a startup in Seattle for a couple of years. After this interview about her experience navigating the tech world I am pretty confident there is nothing that this badass woman cannot do.

Along with Steph's journey, we chat about navigating the world of corporate cannabis, and how taboo and misconceptions can unfairly shape someone's journey while navigating growth in the industry.

I hope you're inspired by these stories. Listen first, then go do that thing.

"Women Grow - Jane West: Cannabis Cured My Imposter Syndrome" talk: YouTube

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