Why Just Working Harder Isn't Going to Get You Your Next Promotion!

Eating Your Cake Too Podcast

Nov 23 2021 • 25 mins

Are you looking for more career opportunities and wondering why your hard work isn't resulting in more chances to grow? In this episode, I talk with you about why JUST working harder, which women in particular are often conditioned to do, isn't enough to get the promotion and stretch opportunities to come our way. I talk about the culture of presenteeism and how that can contribute to this mindset and can lead to burn out, and then I explore ACTION items to help you address this challenge.

I explore topics such as building RELATIONSHIPS, adding VALUE to the team and projects, taking CREDIT for the value you add, and making sure that you're leaving space to THINK CREATIVELY and effectively about problems!

Listen in to hear the actionable steps YOU can take to go beyond just working harder and to better position yourself to build relationships and do meaningful work to get those promotions and stretch opportunities!

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