The Recipe for Business Survival: Leadership, Culture, and You

The Home Business Success Show

Dec 20 2023 • 23 mins

Ever wondered why some businesses thrive while others crumble? The answer, as our guest Dr. Dhru Beeharilal reveals, lies in the leadership approach and organizational culture. As a renowned expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion, international coach, and founder of Nyan Leadership, Dr. Dhru provides an enlightening discussion on the differentiation between leaders and managers, and the subsequent effect on home-based businesses. Learn how to identify and discard limiting narratives that might be setting your business back, while simultaneously finding out how to attract and retain the best talent, build result-oriented teams, and spearhead positive transformations within your organization.

Shifting our focus to the significant role leadership plays in molding corporate culture, we delve into its implications in the realm of remote work. Get ready to understand the real impact of good leadership on employee retention, and the correlation between poor leadership and the worrying trend of the "great resignation". This conversation underscores the need to invest in commendable leaders and create a positive work environment to attract and retain the crème de la crème. An inspiring success story of a company that improved its culture by empowering its employees is also shared, illustrating the immense potential of investing in a positive corporate culture. So, gear up for an episode that promises to transform your understanding of leadership and organizational culture, and prepare you to make the necessary changes for a successful and growing venture.


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