Health Challenges Can Be Stepping Stones to Powerful Transformation

The Home Business Success Show

Dec 13 2023 • 23 mins

Jennifer Maves had her life transformed by a catalyzing health event. An entrepreneur for more than 40 years, Jen moved to Appalachia 15 years ago to study natural health and the plants that grow in and around Asheville, NC. The more she learned and out of a desire to create from her passions, ZenJen Skin, a new skincare line emerged, which focuses on correcting skin issues and supporting your skin very simply. Jen selects only organic or naturally pure ingredients for her plant-based skincare line.

A new passion emerged when Jen was diagnosed with cancer and felt deep in her spirit that her condition could be improved by changing her internal environment. Soon after that, she was introduced to how vibrational healing through tuning forks can put your body in the right vibration to facilitate positive change. Taking this even further, she was introduced to a high-tech modality based on the work of Nikola Tesla and Dr. Sandra Micheals, that focuses on frequencies putting your body in perfect balance and making corrections like repairing faulty DNA.

Since opening up a new company called ScalarWave Wellness, located in Asheville, Jen has witnessed many positive changes in people's lives.  She says she lives in much gratitude to be part of this amazing new hyper-healthy technology.

Discussion touches on serial entrepreneurship, natural skincare, healing through personal transformation, and so much more!

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