The Fine Print with George Kamel

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Let’s face it - you probably aren’t where you want to be financially. You don’t know what to do or who to trust. You’re listening to headlines, social media and broke friends to make major money decisions. Making the right choices shouldn’t be this complicated. In every episode, George Kamel will do the research for you and break down money myths, trends and traps that you need to know about. With the right information, you’ll make smarter decisions with your life and money.
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Introducing "The Fine Print"
Ep 10: What Robinhood Doesn't Want You to Know About Their Investing AppEp 9: Will Overspending Skyrocket This Holiday Season Due to the Supply Chain Disaster?Ep 8: Is Bankruptcy a Quick Fix for Struggling Americans?Student Loans Are Back: Is the Crisis Worse Than Ever?Ep 7: The Dirty Truth Behind Your Credit ScoreEp 6: Could Bitcoin Be Your Ticket to Wealth?Ep 5: Is Now the WORST Time to Buy a House?Ep 4: Afterpay, Affirm, Klarna: Should You Buy Now or Pay Later?Ep 3: How to Bulletproof Your Money for the Next PandemicEp 2: The True Cost of Credit Card RewardsEp 1: How TurboTax is SCREWING YouIntroducing "The Fine Print"