Boredom Paradox – Blessing AND Curse

Philosophy Fools

Dec 6 2021 • 1 hr 39 mins

We all get bored, but what we do with it determines whether we grow or just get stuck!  But first we start off with what’s been going on since our last podcast and the importance of protecting your emotional ecosystem (1:05). Then we talk about the show’s goal of “How to Use Boredom” and take a moment to define the word boredom to avoid any confusion (21:26). The meat of the show are the topics “How is Boredom a Curse?” (36:41), “How is Boredom a Blessing?” (57:40) and “3 Strategies to Create Positive Boredom” (1:12:00). We finish up with a quick recap of what we’ve learned (1:31:00), and wrap up with our Quotes of the Day from Schopenhauer and Dylan Thomas (1:32:00).

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