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S3 E3: Finance: Making your wealth do good
Mar 22 2021
S3 E3: Finance: Making your wealth do good
We've talked on the show about spending power and the impact that buying more sustainable products can have on the planet and society. However, what about the impact of our 'wealth', i.e. the money we hold in bank accounts, investments, pensions, etc? Our wealth has a significant impact on carbon emissions, for example. You can create 27 times more impact on carbon emissions/climate change through your savings/investments than you can by cutting out meat from your diet and stopping flying COMBINED!!!?And since 68% of UK savers want their investments to consider people and planet alongside profit, in this episode we break down how wealth can have a negative impact, why it matters and how to switch it up and use your wealth for social good as much as possible.Check out https://makemymoneymatter.co.uk/ - a movement to ensure the money invested in UK pensions is used to build a better world.If you’re looking to change who you bank with, I recommend using the UK Government’s Current Account Switch Service. Bronwyn King TED talk - Oncologist talks about pension: https://www.ted.com/talks/bronwyn_king_you_may_be_accidentally_investing_in_cigarette_companies#t-35173 ShareAction: A charity working towards an investment system that truly serves savers and communities, and protects our environment for the long term.  https://shareaction.org/A great blog outlining comparisons between different banks, with our former podcast guest Besma Whayeb: https://www.curiouslyconscious.com/2020/02/best-ethical-banks-current-accounts-uk.html/PLEASE NOTE: Ashna and Lydia are not financial advisors. They do not have any professional or academic training in finance or investments. All of the content of the episode is based on their own amateur research, opinion and personal experience.--What is Switch?The reason we started Switch is because we want sustainable living to be mainstream. The podcast acts as a small piece in the puzzle towards this goal by opening up the conversation on sustainability, helping people to feel more positive, empowered and effective in how they can improve the planet and society.Say hello at www.podcastswitch.com or follow us on social media @podcastswitch.--
Ep 41: Changing for change with Hubbub
Apr 20 2020
Ep 41: Changing for change with Hubbub
This week we’re joined by Sarah Divall from Hubbub, a foundation helping provide inspiration and practical actions that are good for you and the environment. They believe that to create positive environmental change at the scale and speed needed, we need to get everyone on board. So they design campaigns that inspire ways of living that are good for the environment. They disrupt the status quo to raise awareness, nudge behaviours and shape systems. We do this with knowledge and playfulness, and won’t make you feel bad. That really resonates with us here at Switch! Like us, they address things we’re all passionate about and are relevant day-to-day, like fashion, food, the homes we live in and the spaces around us. They offer practical and realistic solutions that help cut waste, make clothes last longer, save money and create cleaner spaces to live and work in, and more often than not bring people together. Today we want to talk about ‘change’. Change that we are forced to face during COVID-19- but understanding how we can sustain these changes There are some interesting comparisons to make between change in our current situation and change when things are ‘normal’. What motivates it? Can we change without being forced to by a lockdown? As experts in change, what can we learn from Hubbub about what generates positive and sustained change? And how do we deal with change when it’s thrust upon us?FUN FACTS:A new survey by YouGov found that 42% of Brits said they valued food more than they did before the crisis, with one in 10 sharing activities such as shopping with a neighbour for the first timeA third of people are now throwing away less food and 38% say they are cooking more from scratch. A smaller proportion (6%) said they had tried a vegetable box or ordered food from an online service for the very first timeAs the lockdown brings less air pollution, more wildlife, quieter streets and a slower pace of life, one of the poll’s most startling findings is that 85% of people want to see at least some of the personal or social changes continue. Just 9% want a complete return to normal after the crisis