Employee to Entrepreneur: Turning Adversity & Passion Into Freedom With Dr. Sonia Murrey

The Fulfilled Life with Minh-Minh

May 12 2021 • 30 mins

Dr. Sonia is an expert on Mentorship, course development, and classroom instruction. Both her professional and personal endeavors shine a bright light on the need for alternative mentorship programs that promote individuality and creativity.

As Founder of Jump First and a College Professor, Dr. Sonia has the rare ability to electrify her audiences with original and creative ideas along with her undeniable wit.

She is committed to helping her students find their purposes, passions, and voices through unique pathways that encourage and empower others to embrace their diversity ultimately leading to individuals becoming the best version of themselves and doing their best work while building lasting legacies and creating wealth for generations to come.

IG/FB: jumpfirstorg