What can you eat to keep fleas off yourself or family - Episode 188

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Aug 14 2023 • 31 mins

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Speaking with then director of the Detroit Zoo, Ron Kagan about the programs and events and some of the very unique animals at our zoo.

How did you get the pets in your life, in your life?

Our second hour of the first show at 1400 WDTK in Detroit.

Tricky Trivia - What is your name?

Can we change our diet to keep fleas off of people?

Animal Entertainment news

Rewind back to Sunday 10-4-2009 Hour 2
In the episode you will hear

Wearing Funny Amazing fun pet parent t-shirts


Animal Talk, it’s America’s Pet Show!
Jamie Flanagan

Thanks for listening and as always... Have an exotic week and kiss your wild thing for me.

Send your pet photos in now and we will add your fur kids to the #PetParade. jamie@animaltalkradio.com

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