Andrea Arden from Animal Planet and an itch you just can't scratch - Episode 187

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Aug 7 2023 • 22 mins

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This was the first show on 1400 WDTK in Detroit. New studio and new toys.

Andrea Arden from the Animal Planet talking about allergies and dogs. Her show on the Animal Planet was Dogs 101.

Two cats are sleeping in the baby's crib. Should we be worried about cats getting the crib with the baby?

How do you get your house ready for a baby to come home when you have a cat or other pet?

Twitter question of the day: Where did you get your pet?

Time for a health tip: ear infections are very frequent, what to do.

Rewind back to Sunday 10-4-2009 Hour 1
In the episode you will hear

Wearing Funny Amazing fun pet parent t-shirts

Animal Talk, it’s America’s Pet Show!
Jamie Flanagan

Thanks for listening and as always... Have an exotic week and kiss your wild thing for me.

Send your pet photos in now and we will add your fur kids to the #PetParade.

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