Dose a tortoise make a good pet? No one said anything about bats, Rabies? - Episode 185

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Jul 17 2023 • 31 mins

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Welcoming the Fish Lady - Kelly from MySpace
Our Resident Mermaid!

Cat question: Elieen has a 15 year old cat that has taken to meowing all night and waking her up at night. What can she do about the noise at night?

I have a 55 gallon fish tank with an Oscar and a Jack Dempsey. Can I feed them live food?

Dog barks and barks in dog class and is very distracting to the other dogs getting training. How do I help her stop the barking?

National Animal - Wild Animal News. Bitten by a Cobra in the mouth.

Rabies - Bats - Rabies are on the rise are bats to blame?

Roark and gator mania. Man lost his arm to a gator.

Would a tortoise make a good pet?

What is a good starter pet for a 12 year old girl?

Rewind back to Sunday 9-23-2007 Hour 2
In the episode you will hear

Wearing Funny Amazing fun pet parent t-shirts

Animal Talk, it’s America’s Pet Show!
Jamie Flanagan

Thanks for listening and as always... Have an exotic week and kiss your wild thing for me.

Send your pet photos in now and we will add your fur kids to the #PetParade.

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