Brian Barczyk's first episode on Animal Talk

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Jan 23 2024 • 1 hr 9 mins

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This was the very first show with Brian Barczyk as one of the hosts. After a battle with cancer Brian passed away Januay 2024. He will be missed.

This is a video tribute to Brian from his family at the Reptarium.

Here is where you can contribute to his Legasea.

From the web about Brian:
Brian Barczyk was an American reptile enthusiast, YouTuber, and founder of the Reptarium Reptile Zoo and Legasea Aquarium. He was also featured as a star on the TV series Venom Hunters by the Discovery Channel.

Rewind back to Sunday 12-13-2009 Both hours

In the episode you will hear

Wearing Funny Amazing fun pet parent t-shirts

Animal Talk, it’s America’s Pet Show!
Jamie Flanagan

Thanks for listening and as always... Have an exotic week and kiss your wild thing for me.

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