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Animal Talk helping people with their pets. Celebrity interviews, fun, skits, news, pet products, training tip, environmental issues, Animal Talk, it’s America’s Pet Show! Jamie Flanagan and animal behaviorist, Brian Donovan are here to help you with your pets.  We get help from Vets on medical issues. Throw in celebrity interviews, animal profiles, trivia questions, product give-a-ways, comedy skits, and most important of all, great listener interaction you then have a pet phenomenon not to be missed.

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That is a lot of licking. My dog licks everything to the point of being soaked - Episode 197
Apr 9 2024
That is a lot of licking. My dog licks everything to the point of being soaked - Episode 197
Janell has a 1 year old dog that keeps pottying in the house. The dog was going on paper in the house now just going in the house even without the paper. Are Bassett Hounds difficult to train?Pricilla in Iowa has a suggestion for our previous caller. We have bobble heads!  From Bobble Me I have 7 cats (all named for daytime talk hosts) can or should I get a dog? Talking about the Arctic Ring of Life and the polar bears at the Detroit ZooMarty tries the Fact or Fiction for the dayBecky swoops in and wins!I have a dog that breaks out of his kennel when we are not around. Is this separation anxiety?My dog licks the couch, always licking. What is up with that? Judy listening on KFAB has a dog question. Can you blend dog foods? Patrice has a 5 year old boy cat with an itchy ear, lots of scratching behind the ear. Is it dust mites? How can I get rid of the dust mites? Rita cocker spaniels hurt himself. Now can't get up on his hind legs. Can't jump up. Can I give the pup an aspirin?Animal New - National Animal Pam in Kansas has a rotty an indoor dog does not get along with the outside dog. How can I help my rottweiler? They do get to the point of drawing blood, is that bad?Angie has a golden retriever puppy. How do I keep her from jumping? Rewind back to Sunday 4-9-2006 Both HoursIn the episode you will hearJamieBradDonnaWearing Funny Amazing fun pet parent t-shirts Talk, it’s America’s Pet Show!Jamie for listening and as always... Have an exotic week and kiss your wild thing for me.Send your pet photos in now and we will add your fur kids to the #PetParade.