CTC: Church That Cares Podcast

CTC: Church That Cares Ministry Team

Welcome to the CTC Podcast. We hope that the messages you hear will encourage, challenge and minister to you and your needs.
Faith Monsters 2 - The Flesh Monster (Pastor Kenny Smith)It's The Long Haul That'll Getcha (Bishop Ken Smith)Spiritual Conquest (Pastor Kenny Smith)Faith Monsters 1 - The Critical Monster (Pastor Kenny Smith)Whose Report Will You Believe? (Pastor Kenny Smith)A Revival Church  (Rev. Marvin Stovall)Positioned for the Promise (Evangelist Greg Randol)The Source of the Enemies Power (Evangelist Greg Randol)Kingdom Focus and the Family (Bishop & First Lady)When You Lose Sight Of The Cross (Bishop Ken Smith)Temporary Victories (Pastor Kenny Smith)Preacher Preach To Me One More Time (Bishop Ken Smith)Translated Into The Kingdom (Bishop Ken Smith)The Seventh Hand (Bishop Ken Smith)How Do You Smell (Bishop Ken Smith)The Spirit of Motherhood (Pastor Kenny Smith)God of the Bones  (Bishop Ken Smith)Certain in Uncertain Times (Bishop Ken Smith)Just From My Heart (Bishop Ken Smith)Weird 2 - Weird Warfare Part 2 (Pastor Kenny Smith)