Episode 023 - Tyler Davis

Sonic City Council

Mar 15 2021 • 1 hr 42 mins

Hola fellow citizens of the Sonic City Council! Thank you for joining us in our weekly exploration of the creative psyche. Today, we’re chatting with sound engineer and production manager Tyler Davis! He is truly a Swiss Army Knife of the live production world. We chat about the recently livestream festival, Rock N Relief, in which Tyler was in charge of sound, tour life, how sound is perceived and much more! https://www.tythesoundguy.com/ Tyler on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/videos/943517570 Hosted by: Jesse Davidson IG: @thebassabides https://linktr.ee/thebassabides Davey Sipes https://instagram.com/devilish_lefty_007?igshid=18mkjsmy7r1s1 Logo and Animations by Jones Intercable https://instagram.com/jonesintercable?igshid=1hybwu3g9bp9m Engineered by: Max Taylor https://www.desertsoundsstudio.com/ https://instagram.com/maximumtaylor?igshid=p94qeumbdk95 Special thanks to AMPED Music and The Showcase Venue https://www.amped-music.com https://www.theshowcasevenue.com