Episode 039 - Cleen

Sonic City Council

Jul 5 2021 • 1 hr 23 mins

Citizens! We’re honored to have our first hip-hop artist in studio. Cleen is a rapper from the underground hip hop scene based in Lancaster, CA. He’s been a solo artist and apart of crews like Rhyme Village and Life For The Better. We get into his writing process, tracking in the studio and his love of movies. You can check out his new record “Lancaster Drive In” below https://m.soundcloud.com/ogcleen https://mobile.twitter.com/thatguyCLEEN Hosted by: Jesse Davidson IG: @thebassabides https://linktr.ee/thebassabides Davey Sipes https://instagram.com/devilish_lefty_007?igshid=18mkjsmy7r1s1 Disaster Cabinet https://open.spotify.com/artist/2DE9TenNhUZ8X1dCj2TwCN?si=ChtXu6dQRFmzFpCZnCDftw&dl_branch=1 Engineered by: Max Taylor https://www.desertsoundsstudio.com/ https://instagram.com/maximumtaylor?igshid=p94qeumbdk95 Logo and Animations by Jones Intercable https://instagram.com/jonesintercable?igshid=1hybwu3g9bp9m Special thanks to AMPED Music and The Showcase Venue https://www.amped-music.com https://www.theshowcasevenue.com