Episode 033 - Round Table Five - The Pelican Briefs

Sonic City Council

May 24 2021 • 1 hr 55 mins

Citizens! We welcome you to our fifth roundtable edition of the Sonic City Council. This week, the usual cast of characters has assembled to discuss musical listening. Active listening in music (and life) is its own discipline. It is equivalent to any practice that occurs while playing an instrument. We share our personal experiences on what listening truly is. About the moments that totally changed our perspective. Also, how human traits like empathy and understanding are key to this process.

Disaster Cabinet New Album: https://linktr.ee/DisasterCabinet?fbclid=IwAR3QLmDX6XpvwAJ5DON2UZrHtb2_ifbuAzvuy4tudP_L6UaObLZzKjpkeC8

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