Discussion: Understanding Negative Self-Talk, Why it Develops, and How to Change It

The Healing Sanctuary

Apr 21 2022 • 47 mins

How does negative self-talk develop? Why do we have it? Does everyone have it, or is it uncommon (hint: it's very common)? In this episode, I discuss my own struggle with negative self-talk, what I've learned about it, how to deal with it when it's happening, and how to make lasting change to a positive inner monologue. I get into neurons and your brain and what's happening inside of you when negative thoughts are firing off. And I share several action steps you can start doing right now that will begin the process of change. *** If you know someone who would enjoy this discussion, please share! And if you'd like to help others find this podcast, please leave a rating. *** Find me on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/meditate_with_melissa *** To learn more about me and my work, go to https://www.melissa-field.com *** Your support makes a difference and is truly appreciated! You can make a small, one time donation here: https://bit.ly/meditation-donation. Thank you so much! *** For more meditations, visualizations, and soulful conversations hit subscribe. I hope to see you again soon!