Cavell Cloud Conversations

Cavell Group

Cavell Group is one of the world's leading consultancy and analytics firms, specialising in the cloud communications industry. With inside knowledge of what is taking place behind the scenes Cavell Group now brings you a new podcast which will explore some of the rumours, trends, and gossip circulating the communications industry. As well as insight from the Cavell Group Analyst Team, the podcast will also bring you a host of special guest speakers who have the inside track on the market.Cavell Cloud Conversations will bring you bitesize podcasts with some of the world's leading technology brands and most interesting speakers. Learn about the latest innovations, trends and emerging technology across areas such as IoT, networking, communications, and collaboration. Each episode is hosted by a member of the Cavell Group Analyst Team who will be joined by a special guest from the technology industry to discuss a particular trend or topic. read less