Does alopecia affect beard growth? ~ How to promote a healthy beard

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Jan 23 2023 • 32 mins

Does alopecia affect beard growth? ~ How to promote a healthy beard

Tudor Tanase,  known as The Hairloss Dude, began to take an interest in hair loss when he wanted to improve his beard growth at 18.

He started to use minoxidil, but found that he experienced negative side effects. As he began to develop the signs of male pattern hair loss, he began to apply the solution to his scalp and the same issues arose, causing dandruff, dry skin and irritation.

He then began to look into the formulation of the different products and the ingredients these products contained.

We discuss how genetic hair loss happens, what is the cause, and how can you access accurate information on effective treatments to prevent unnecessary spending on products and treatments that don't work.
Tudor shares tips on how to promote healthy beard growth, and we explore how Dihydrotestosterone affects hair growth and beard growth in different ways.

He shares his knowledge on product formulations and ingredients to aid the metabolism and absorption of products, and describes how there is a huge difference in the quality and performance of a product depending on the amount and quality of the ingredients and the manufacturing processes.

Tudor notes the lack of innovation in the field by the major brands and how using  experienced factories for production is important especially for higher strength formulas.

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