How hair loss made me a better Hairdresser

Hair Therapy

May 8 2023 • 36 mins

How hair loss made me a better Hairdresser

Jessica Young has been in the Hair industry for 16 years, and thought that she knew enough about the hair & scalp to advise and help her clients; That is, until she began to experience extreme hair shedding herself!
She then realised that there was a lot more that she could learn, and tells how her own journey has made her be able to support her clients so much better too.

As a busy mum, when she first noticed her hair loss, she didn't really take any action, and now realises that she was on the verge of burnout, with low iron, migraines, body shakes and brittle, poor quality hair.

We discuss how hair loss can be a sign of other issues such as deficiencies in the bodies that should not be ignored, and where to go to get effective help.

Jess says that her experience has changed her approach to client consultations, and has made her a better hairdresser as a result.

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