Abby Orchard

A podcast to remind you that you look better sticky. Being sticky can mean a lot things, whether you are trying to stick to a new habit or trying to get into a new routine or maybe you are feeling physically stuck in your life & don't know where to go. Here on the Podcast we touch on the Big 3 - Unlocking your Creative Potential, Working on your Mental Health & Finding Passion/Success in your Career. I started Tape Talk to open up the conversation around what it's like to start something new, what's its like to take creative risks, and how to find success in a career you can be passionate about. And since I am not the expert at any of this, I have invited several unique and inspiring individuals to come share their own stories on how they have been able to overcome some sticky situations. Thank you for listening, I am so excited for you to hear this season. xo, Your Host Abby Orchard read less