Imposter Syndrome: Meaning, Types, Effects & How to Deal.


May 14 2022 • 19 mins

Dealing with imposter syndrome?! Imposter Syndrome is a process whereby one feels like a fraud despite all one may have acquired. This episode came by ‘through Twitter inspiration and Dr Valarie’s Young; the founder of ISI (Imposter syndrome Institute 1982). .The Natural Genius 6:21 .The Perfectionist 7:38 .The Soloist/Rugged Individuals 8:07 .The Superhero 9:32 .The Expert 11:00 I hope you enjoy and do not forget to drop yurr opinions, like, share and donate. . Available wherever you hit play on those sweet poddytods 🦋🦋 Visit for links to all platforms --- Send in a voice message: