EP107: The Halloween From Hell

Crimes and Consequences

Oct 25 2021 • 44 mins

When Rose answered the door around 10:00 pm on Halloween night in 1986, she expected to be greeted by kids trick-or-treating. Instead, she was ambushed by two men wearing spooky masks, wigs, long black capes, and brandishing guns. One of these men had already committed a grisly murder earlier that day and was out for more blood. Rose was pushed to the floor and during the ensuing scuffle, one of her attacker's masks fell off, revealing his face. Rose knew instantly that this was going to be a Halloween night from hell. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For more information on this story go to: www.CRIMESANDCONSEQUENCES.com Get Ad-Free, Early Releases, and over 100 Exclusive Episodes of our podcast by going to: Apple Channel: CRIMES AND CONSEQUENCES X Patreon: Patreon.com/tntcrimes www.crimesandconsequences.com IG and Facebook: @hardcoretruecrime __________________________________________________________________________ Sources: Court Records