#19 Camera shy? Don't be! with Rosie Parsons

The Freelance Ads Club Podcast

Jan 13 2023 • 37 mins

Episode 19 is a good one!  And I say that every time I know :)

Today I am joined by Rosie Parsons, THE personal branding photographer.  I invited Rosie to come and join me today to talk about the importance of being visible online.

As a freelance ads manager, you are just one person in a very noisy place trying to shout louder than everyone else to get noticed.  Having decent photography or visuals, whether graphics or strong products / brands, can really help to get you noticed and to stand out in someone's feed. So in today's episode I am talking to Rosie, and she is sharing her tips on how to get started, how to budget for a branding portfolio, whether you're even ready for one at this point in your business, and what the benefits are.

We also talked about the amazing processes Rosie has in place in her business, as a freelancer herself, and how she helps herself to save time and make things more efficient in running her business. Rosie also shares how she makes sure she gives her clients a VIP experience to clients so they return for more, and recommend her to their network.

Rosie can be contacted via her Website: http://rosieparsonsphotography.com or on via social media profiles:



And her podcast is Build A Brand with Rosie Parsons if you want to subscribe

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