I Know Strange People

Jeffrey Morabito

Explore the unconventional in the creative process through interviews with artists, filmmakers and other creative types with host and artist Jeffrey Morabito. Ever see someone who has paint on their pants, tattoo sleeves, an asymmetrical haircut, and someone exclaims that guy/girl must be an artist? There’s a romantic notion that artists need to be eccentric, but the real oddities usually happen behind closed doors.

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I Know Strange People Introduction
Justin Duffus: I Turned the Camera AroundEric Holzman: Holding on to the ThreadMarybeth Chew: I Connect with the MonsterI Know Strange People IntroductionHomer Shew: I am Legitimately Living a Double LifeHollis Heichemer: Down Into Something UnknownDavid Scott Kessler: Preconceived IdeasAshley Norwood Cooper: I Quit Killing PaintingsMary DeVincentis: Finding an Image that I Can't Find Inside My HeadPaul Behnke: It's Good to Get Out of your EnvironmentClintel Steed: What is my Relationship to the Hood?Martin Dull:Why Have You Forsaken Me