Be The 3rd

Jackie Melvin

And God said let us make humans in our image Hey friends, Welcome to be the third podcast where we talk openly and honestly about our interpersonal, intrapersonal, and Divine communication processes. I’m your host Jackie Melvin, a writer, and a teacher. I have been succeeding and failing at relationship my entire life. As we all have, but I have spent that same lifetime reading, writing, studying, and praying to understand God’s unique design for communication, and relationship. I know that the success and failure of all our relationships come down to how we are communicating right now, with ourselves and others How we should be communicating, with ourselves and others and how we communicate with God through, what I like to call Divine communication, our unique personal relationship with Him. We know that God is a God of relationship and being made in His image we then are also made for relationship. As his most precious creation He desire nothing more than to be in a relationship with us. We desire nothing more than to be in relationship with others. Our greatest commandment is to love Him and because all humans were made in His image, we are also called to love others. Here at be the third we emphasize God’s design for relationship. God first, other’s second, ourselves third. And once we begin communicating the way God intended and continue to follow his design for relationship, we will better understand relationship dynamics, and our unique communication capabilities, and loving God and loving others will become much easier. Relationships are not always easy, and many times we can’t maneuver through the murky waters on our own. But, we can rejoice to know that God has not let us down. He has given us unique capabilities and special gifts to help in our journey along with His promise to never leave us. Be The 3rd is a reminder that we will find peace in all our relationship struggles once we remember to put God first, others second, and ourselves third. read less