EP 83: Double-Edged Sword of Vulnerability Pt 1 (Ft. The 85 South Show)

In Totality with Megan Ashley

Oct 24 2023 • 57 mins

What if vulnerability was the secret key to building solid relationships? Is it possible to express vulnerability selectively without appearing weak? Join B.Simone and Megan Ashley, this week we brought in the comedic trio from the 85 South Show - DC Young Fly, Chico Bean, and Karlos Miller - who bring a raw, real, and sometimes hilarious perspective to our discussion. This trio share their journey of friendship, complete with struggles and triumphs.

Ever wondered how men perceive and express their vulnerability? We navigate the intricate maze of vulnerability in relationships, emphasizing the fine balance between honesty and protection of self. Our guests share their unique insights on how men often need validation, and how important it is to foster a conducive environment for open communication. We touch upon how men sometimes overlook their emotional scars, and the frustration women experience with men's slower pace of adaptation. But we celebrate the strength of emotional connection, maturity, and growth in relationships.

In this heated discussion, we tackle the thorny issue of trust, leadership, and managing emotional responsibilities in a relationship. We highlight the importance of a safe space where men can openly express vulnerability without the fear of judgement.

Other topics you will hear:






-Emotional Responsibilities

-How to create Safe Space


-Emotional Connection

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