EP 2: Divine Communication Pt 1 (Ft Tony Gaskins)

In Totality with Megan Ashley

Nov 14 2023 • 57 mins

Welcome back to another episode of 'In Totality',This week, join Megan Ashley along with her first guest Tony Gaskins, an inspirational male voice who has been a beacon of encouragement and motivation. In this exciting discussion,We tackle some tough but necessary questions about faith, relationships, and personal development.

We kicked off the conversation with our "Phone a Friend" segment by addressing a query from a new Christian about understanding the Bible better. Tony's insightful suggestions on various translations, meditation, and using the Bible Chat app could serve as valuable guidance for those starting on their spiritual journey. Later, we draw a distinction between being inspired and being called, and highlight the essential attributes of character and integrity in men. The discourse leads us to the topic of relationships, where we explore the significant role of a woman in a man's life and the importance of effective communication for the relationship's success.

We took a deep look at financial and emotional stability, and how these factors can impact the dynamics within a relationship. Our conversation emphasizes the importance of recognizing and understanding differences between partners to create a balanced and healthy relationship. Listen in as we share our experiences, provide insights and explore complex concepts in an approachable manner. Tony's perspective on these matters is invaluable, making this episode a must-listen for anyone seeking enlightenment and guidance.

Other topics you will hear:




-Expensive Misery

-Financial and Emotional Stability

- Recognizing Differences


-Effective Communication

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