EP 5: Revelations of Faith Pt 1.(Ft. Santoria Bell)

In Totality with Megan Ashley

Dec 5 2023 • 1 hr 28 mins

What happens when you bring together the powerful topics of discipleship and faith? We're about to unearth the profound impact of discipleship on faith This week join Megan Ashley and her mentor, Santoria, as we share our personal faith journeys and the transformative power of discipleship in our lives.

We've got an enlightening discussion lined up for you, as we talk about the importance of transparency and authenticity in our walk with God. You'll hear Santoria's captivating story of becoming a women's minister and how she discovered the value of discipleship. We'll be discussing the role of personalizing scripture and understanding God's love and purpose in our lives.

But we're not stopping there. We dive deeper into the significance of enduring trials and finding the right mentor in our faith journey. Plus, we'll be sharing some real-life experiences about finding peace in times of turmoil, understanding God's calling, and much more. Whether you're a believer looking to deepen your faith or someone exploring spirituality, this episode will enrich your understanding of discipleship and its transformative power. Strap in for an episode filled with heartwarming stories, profound insights, and valuable lessons on faith and discipleship.

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-Spiritual Void





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