EP 16: Love and Marriage (Ft. MJ and Amanda Pittman)

In Totality with Megan Ashley

Feb 20 2024 • 1 hr 15 mins

Join Megan Ashley as she welcomes the married couple MJ and Amanda Pittman to the show, sharing the essence of godly relationships and the journey to cultivating a marriage rooted in faith. Our conversation unfolds the layers of spiritual connection, both within the sanctity of home and the strength of a union blessed by divine love. MJ and Amanda's personal story from college acquaintances to a committed couple facing challenges and divine guidance sets the stage for a heartening discussion on young marriage, family influences, and the power of personal conviction.

In this episode, we discuss the landscape of self-awareness, accountability, and the complexities of relationships. Listen in as we tackle the honest challenges marriages face, advocating for a foundation steeped in patience, kindness, and God's grace. Additionally, we highlight the significance of men in their roles as leaders within the family, drawing parallels to Jesus's relationship with the church, and underscore the importance of aligning one's character with God for a thriving marriage.

Other topics you will hear:



-Spiritual connection



-Transformative Impact





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